PostADay/PostAWeek 2011 Epic Fail…

So I haven’t kept up with the PostADay/Week challenge.  I think I’m lucky to have enough focus to post once a month.  But, hey, it all boils down to time management, and I know I need to get a better grip on it.

I just finished the Jumpstart training for VMware Professionals from Microsoft.  It was a sales pitch for their VDI products that lasted 3 days. I know they said they weren’t going to be salesmen, but I hate to say it, they were pushing hard.

Ah yes, and I’m still going in EVE Online.  I’m a hard-core miner at the moment, sitting pretty in my nice big Hulk and T2 fittings.

Then…we have Minecraft.  I’ve got to take a video of what I’ve done.  I’ve created a semi-private server, with Bukkit, WorldEdit, Permissions, Essentials, and Wormhole X-treme!  It’s an epic world to be in.

‘chivos and You!

I just stumbled upon a comic on DeviantArt that sums up the state of gaming today:

Achievements (otherwise known as “’chivos") have become the mainstream, and games no longer ship out without some form of an achievement system, in-side the game, or via a network (Steam, PSN, XBL).

I’ve been playing Borderlands again recently, and I’m hit double-time, with both the in-game and Steam achievement systems.  Even the game I have on my phone, Star Traders, has an internal achievement system.  Why?

So, therefore, I challenge the game developer community to create a game, with either two options: Create a game lacking all forms of achievement systems, OR create a “Un-obtainable” achievement.  Frustrate the hell out of gamers.

Do it, for Fun and Profit!