I am Bryan Adamson, an active Technology Consultant in the field of educational IT.

In the extra hours I have, I develop and maintain websites for a variety of clients. I have experience in setting up and crafting SilverStripe, PostNuke/Zikula, PHPnuke, Dragonfly CMS, MediaWiki (what Wikipeida is using), TikiWiki, DekiWiki, and custom templates from around the web. There is a keen understanding of what can be done on the Internet, and what is possible with a little elbow grease.

The bank of abilities do not stop at the Internet. I have worked with the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems since Windows 98 to create workstation “images” for classrooms. A bit of programming sprinkled on top (in the form of AutoIt, PowerShell, and others), knowledge of the Windows Registry and how to manipulate Sysprep, and the “go-live” time is smooth for those at the Service Desk.

My skills are yours. While working, I train those I’m working with, so that when they are confidant in the system, I can turn the keys over.

In terms of smaller, more single-user oriented services, I provide many computer repair and recovery options.  Basic virus/malware removal, formatted hard drive data recovery, and operating system upgrades are just the tip of the iceberg.

I am now able to take transactions via check, and Square, to take any major debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover).