Virtualization is Here!  Are You Prepared?

Today, more companies are going virtual with everything.  Servers, desktops, and applications.  From VMware to Hyper-V and Citrix to App-V, the choices are daunting.  Which solution is for you?  Or do you need a mix?  How many licenses?  How much server hardware do you need?

Let Us Help.

With experience in all of the major players on the virtualization market, with a specialization in Microsoft Application Virtualization, we can assess your environment, your needs, your wants, and give you a series of scenarios and solutions, so what was a hard decision is an easy one.

Already There?

If you already have the infrastructure, but need an extra hand to tackle application packaging, let us take that load off of your team.  Along with App-V, we are experienced in VMware ThinApp, Citrix XenApp, and MSI packaging and re-packaging.

Need a Solution?

Organizations today continue to look for solutions to common problems by either using small, in-house programmed applications, or bring in bulldozer sized programs that cover more ground than the actual problem.  We can help find the right solution to your needs.

  • Wordfence is a great plugin for WordPress sites.  Great for managing, notifying, and all around blocking malicious activity.  It’s one of the more highly touted security plugins, and it earns its title. However, after an update a while back, they added a Dashboard widget, which gives you an at-a-glance info tool for what Wordfence has […] Read More
  • I had a problem a while ago, with the use of VMs in classrooms and labs.  Let me tell you, no matter where you are, if you have 25+ computers that need to have a local VM (because you don’t have a VDI in place, let alone budgeted), you’re going to experience a bottleneck, and […] Read More
  • At some point in the last year, the folks over at were asked by Adobe to stop serving Flash Player via their free service.  If you paid, you could include Flash Player in the bundle.  However, pricing for 3,500 Windows computers gets steep really quickly, in the eyes of many purse-string holders.  So here’s […] Read More

Application Virtualization

With 8 years of professional experience in virtualization, existing and new virtual infrastructure can be implemented expediently

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Solution Identification

Let us help you identify the solutions to your needs. Many Open Source solutions can be found to meet and exceed your needs.

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