BlizzCon Post #5

So we’re mostly seeing patch 4.1.0 content, but it all looks good.  Enhanced maps, some more info on the raid lock system, and some dungeon info.

BlizzCon Post #4

So the newest news is the Diablo 3 Demon Hunter class.  It looks like a knockoff of the D2 Amazon, but darker looking.

That seems to be it for now.  Dungeons and raids panel next.

BlizzCon Post #3 (Day 1)

Day Zero: The Con Begins.  Sounds like a movie title, right?

Its 8:30am, on a chilled Anaheim morning, and unless you’re in the line of people waiting to get in the front doors (not the actual halls), you might want to be wearing a sweater.  The sheer heat that these people produce could power a small country.

I, however, am patient, and won’t be walking the half mile to the end of the line.  I’m gonna stay sitting, and wait for the end to come to me.

BlizzCon Post #1

Welcome to the first BlizzCon post! Just got into the hotel, and prepping to man the gigantic line outside of the convention center.
This is going to be epic!