Bundled Trash

Hey Mr. Laptop Maker, if I could get your attention for a couple moments, I would like to say a few words on behalf of the IT community.

First, let’s talk about pre-bundled security software: We don’t like it. More specifically, we don’t like it when subscription based software is pre-installed, ready to roll, but will eventually sneak up on our clients with a ransom for the security of the computer. Primary targets? Symantec (a.k.a. Norton) and McAfee. There are other, much better desktop security programs out there, and I do not believe that you should be telling the consumers what is best. Users need to be informed, true, but maybe with a little less under-handed tactics.

Next, the OS needs to be optional. Now, I’m not saying you should ship without something. But, you could do us a favor by putting something a little lighter on the market. Windows 7 Starter is still a little heavy for netbooks, and there are other options out there. How about a solution? On your system restore partitions, why not include a copy of Ubuntu or Jolicloud? When the system first comes up, you have a simple GRUB menu give the user the option of which OS they want to install. The image dumps to the system partition, and we go on with our lives.

What else? Oh! And please don’t install anything Adobe. Just…. don’t.

Edit: In addition, what’s with the stickers? I thought we were trying to be green, and just leave off the ugly, unhelpful stickers that told the random passerby what our computers were running. Just on my netbook, I had Intel Atom, Windows 7 Starter, and Dolby Audio stickers, which weren’t all that helpful. In addition, the Windows OEM license sticker? Yeah, that came off without my prompting. Thankfully I caught it in time, and moved it to the thick manual you guys gave me (yet again, is that green?).