New Pants

With the recent Firefox 5 update, the theme/pants I was using on the site had a slight bug to it, so I’m trying out new themes/pants.

If you see things change up, don’t worry, I’m not being hacked, I’m just breaking things on my own.

Firefox 5

So we’ve come to a new era of Firefox release schedules. Firefox 5 was released yesterday, and 6 and 7 are slated to change to Beta and Aurora modes (respectively) on July 5th. I heard somewhere that they were moving to a 10 month release cycle. Of course, I packaged Firefox 4 three months ago now, so this release was rather quick.

Anyway, I just packaged it, and am using it right now.  For all the world to see, here’s the package!

Confessions of a Non-Completionist

I have a problem: I can’t finish games. I mean, to the end credits.

Not that I haven’t. Portal 2 was awesome all the way through!

But, let me start counting the ones I haven’t finished yet, on just the PS3:

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • White Knight Chronicles (read more)
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Brutal Legend
  • Little Big Planet
  • Street Fighter IV

Of the 10 games I own for the PS3, I’ve only completed ONE!  What the crap?  I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m so close to the end of RDR that I just don’t want it to end.

Almost the same with Batman, but the fight that I’m at is a bit difficult.

Brutal Legend got tedious, LBP doesn’t really have and end, and neither does SF4.

Dragon Age got caught in limbo when the PSN went down.  I should go complete that when I can get around to it.

Now for the “read more” part.  Remember when the PS3 was prepping to launch, and they showcased a number of games that were going to be launch titles?  Remember how many companies didn’t publish at launch?  Level 5, the folks to created White Knight Chronicles were one of them.  It was supposed to be awesome.  It turned out not so much. Lack luster, 30 minutes of cut-scene at the beginning of the game, and a fairly “meh” game play, destroyed the entire game for me.

Autodesk 2012 Packages

I’ve gotten around to looking at the Autodesk Master Suite 2012 box that’s on my desk (it’s a folder of 32 disks). The deployment creator is now completely re-vamped, but not quite as visually appealing on the option editor. At least this time, they gave me the option to NOT install Design Review for the Architecture package.

They did something additional that makes it nicer: They ask for the license and/or server information by default. No need to go into the configuration options to put this in.

Downside: I have to reopen and re-configure for every deployment type (x86 and x64), and it doesn’t remember what I used in the previous package.

RE: Duke Nukem Forever

Dear Critics and “Professional” Reviewers,

Get off my lawn.

To that point, do any of you remember Duke Nukem 3D?  Followed by the promise from 3D Realms to produce a fantastic, state of the art (Quake/HL/UT engine based) Duke Nukem Forever?  Something like 14 years ago?

The Ars Technia review takes DNF and makes it out to be as horrible a gaming experience as an alpha release.  A commenter on Slashdot got the idea that Ars was claiming DNF was “Halo with tits”.

Ummm…. yeah?  It’s Duke?  Durrrr…..

No, it’s not going to be a best seller, it won’t even be a great game (save a few mods that may come out later).  It’s not meant to be.  It’s a 14 year old game.  For 14 year olds.  Who already play Halo, and curse worse than a sailor (my brother is one, I work with one, and my grandfather was one, and they wouldn’t utter what some of these kids spit out).

So yeah, get off my lawn.  Loose a pair (yes, become pre-pubescent).  Go play Duke 3D.  Than go play DNF.  It will become clear what you have done.