EVE Online Apps & Tools

Okay everyone, here’s the deal.
New players lack a head start. But there are some good tools to help you plan your way into high skill ships, check your planned fitting, give you heads up on your market orders, watch your mail, and all sorts of crazy stuff.
To help out those who don’t know where to look, let’s start listing some of the good tools we use. Remember rookies, you will need your API key to work with most of these tools!

EVE Online Character API (Link) – Generate a custom access API key for the apps you use.

EVEMon (Link) – Watches just about everything. Current skills, standings, market orders, industry (manufacturing) jobs, research jobs, your mail, and notifications. The big part of EVEMon is the skill planning. GO to the Plans menu, create new, and find the ship you want, and add it to the queue. It will guide you to reach the required skills, plus links up with BattleClinic so you can find the best loadouts, and train for those too. There are some other tools in there, so play around! Practically a one-stop-shop.

EVE Fitting Tool (Link) – Lets you bring up a ship, and toss fittings at it all day long. Good for determining capacitor stability, and what would happen if you had max skills for the ship and loadout you’re testing.

Aura (Link, Android Market, Free) – For on-the-go types, monitor your pilot skill queue with Aura, an Android OS based app. Easy to use, useful widget for the home screen, and has a notification option to let you know skills finish.

[Space Reserved for iOS App, please suggest!]

RF Freight (Link) – Collected a TON of Mexallon that you need moved to Jita? Look no further than Red Frog Freight. The most trustworthy, player operated shipping corp in all the galaxy. Moving from low-sec (<=0.4)? Black Frog is their branch arm that specializes in moving in and out of dangerous territories.

EVE-Markets (Link) – Want to know what the trend is for the fittings you are after?  EVE-Markets is a website that aggregates data from EVE-Central, and makes it more graphical similar to the Market window in the game. Generally, this data comes directly from players, who utilize a client that picks up the Market data, and auto-uploads it to EVE-Central on game exit.

Mintchip (Link) – Reports on major EVE news and events, and some other stuff.  She’s cute too, so that helps in delivering dry EVE news.

There are other tools out there, and I hope there will be other suggestions. Find a tool useful? Let me know!