Star Wars: The Old Republic – Things I’ve learned so far…

  • Empire side initial Sith Inquisitor quest dialogues turned me off by level 2.
  • Smuggler class is neat.
  • To use Armstech crafting skill, you need Scavenging and Investigation.  Even if Corso gets a bonus to Underworld Market, you won’t get Carbo-plas, a needed material for Armstech.
  • Don’t waste money and time to get Conductive Flux.  It’s 10 credits at a crafting vendor, versus 295 credits to run the mission.
  • Disassembling parts that you craft can result in learning higher-powered versions of the item.  I went from Skill Barrel 3 as a green item to a Skill Barrel 3 as a blue, then to an Advanced Skill Barrel 3 as a purple.
  • When focusing on crafting, just hang out in your local Cantina.  No sense in trying to run missions while your companion is out taking care of your other business.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim = Oblivion+(Fallout+New Vegas-VATS-Guns)

This is one sexy game.  I am thoroughly impressed.  The game does the standard Elder Scrolls opening scenario; you’re a prisoner, doomed to die, but something happens to make it so you’re not.

First character I made, got up to level 35, and then they updated the game to 1.2.  Constant crash when moving more than 10 meters from where I last saved.

Second character, doing much better.  I made it a point to level my Sneak to 100 (with about four hours of in-game time, no cheats here!).  I followed that up with hunting down Krosis, and getting Throw Voice (Zul Mey Gut).  Krosis and the Blood Dragon that’s on the Word Wall hurt together, but with a little time, patience, and a higher Archery skill, I took them down individually (don’t approach the Word Wall until the dragon is down!).

They’re going to eventually release a patch to allow us with 64-bit OS’s to use more than the 2gb memory limit, and at the beginning of the year, the Creation Kit will be released.  My hope is that Dan the Geek will craft us a player housing that equals his current Fallout: New Vegas bunker.