WP on Nook Tab Update

The folks working on the Android WordPress app sent me a link earlier today, with their latest edition, with Nook Color/Tablet recognition!


In comparison, the real estate is utilized much better, and not only on the home screen (settings page fixes the width issue as well, which I did forget to mention in my earlier post).  They’re just getting started with Nook development, so I’m going to give them all the time they want.
Of course, due to B&N wanting to own the device that I own, I had to re-root it. But I do hear tales of a coming bootloader/rom pwn’ing…

WordPress on Nook Tablet

The folks at WordPress are awesome, but there are some things they need to work on.  Like enabling WP for Android to work on the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet. If its a cost to get on the B&N Market, just say so guys! Sideloading ain’t easy now!


Rep. Lamar Smith (or how I learned to stop worrying and love SOPA)

On the 18th of January, this site homepage will be host to the SOPA Blackout Protest.  First page view will encounter the truth of how the SOPA and PIPA (Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act) will devastate the Internet as a whole.

The small time business owners, bloggers, and critics will be under the scrutiny of the corporate hounds, and be brought down by their hunters (lawyers), for anything they feel like.  With SOPA, you are guilty until proven innocent.

This doesn’t mention all the message boards, mailing lists, personal bloggers, eBay’ers, Craigslist, hobby artists, Android /iOS developers… the list keeps going.  If you get snooped out, you get brought down.  There will be no more Internet.

WordPress, Android, and Cyanogen

Writing from a smartphone device can be a tedious and difficult task for anyone.  Text messaging has developed a language all its own, and most teenage users of said medium are fast at “whr r u” rather than “Where are you?”, which is more complete, but still needs more gramatical fulfilment.
Thankfully, for those of us who use blogs (re: my wife and I), WordPress has a utility for mobile devices, which allows us to manage, write, and approve comments.  In the past, it was geared for WordPress.com writers, where the vast majority of individual, entrepenure wordsmiths make their living (or just rant about things they like).
In a combination of application updates to both mobile devices and Internet servers, the WordPress writing community can now view the site statistics, and access the Dashboard.  While to the reader, this may not seem like much; to the folks who really dive into how the system functions, and monitor their SEO, that’s big news.
As some people know, my phone has been on the fritz, and today was my last straw. I have finaqlly updated to Cyanogen Mod 7.1.0. Previous attempts made my battery drain faster than ever. I believe I know why: A truck-load of applications, running services. This time, I did not restore every single app I had, but cherry-picked ones that I use on a fairly frequent basis.
Wordpress, being one of the chosen, seems to have been updated since I last used its main interface. The first set of images offers a very well designed control panel, but my the main reason for this post, is the New Post screen; specifically, the actual entry area.
As opposed to typing out paragraphs, or short messages in a box only millimeters tall, the newer edition of WordPress on the Android platform takes over the vast majority of the screen. With the new design, crafting entries, while retaining the ability to review previous passages on the road, has enabled writers to keep their grammar in check. The only part I could make a gripe about, is if there were no keypad on my phone, the on-screen keyboard would take too much realestate, and completely negate my positive review.
In the end, if you have a smartphone that has a full, physical keyboard, and a WordPress installation, I highly suggest the official WordPress application.