Sierra Nevada – Torpedo Extra IPA

Tonight, I’m finally trying the Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA.

Sierra Nevada - Torpedo Extra IPA

Sierra Nevada – Torpedo Extra IPA

From the label:

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Ale is a big American IPA – perfectly balanced yet full of flavor and aromas that highlight the complex citrus, pine, and herbal character of whole-cone American hops.

At Sierra Nevada, we take hops seriously. Torpedo Extra IPA starts with the world’s finest whole-cone hops and intensifies their flavors with a little magic from our “Hop Torpedo.” A revolutionary method of dry hopping, the torpedo brings this beer alive with a rush of complex hop aromas and flavors not found in any other beer.

Surprisingly deep, and flavorful, for what is considered an IPA with a citrus overtone.  Crisp, but not too bright (what with enough spice to kick back the citrus).

Currently, as I write this, I am thoroughly enjoying this brew.  At a 7.2% ABV, it is very nice, and holds its own against other IPAs.

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