Bison – Organic Honey Basil Ale

Tonight, I’m going to be updating on a number of brews I’ve been saving up.  First is the Bison Brew Honey Basil, an organic type.

From the label:

Bison’s Organic Honey Basil Ale a light-bodied ale, infused with organic clover honey & fresh, whole leaf organic basil, lending a floral and slightly herbal aroma, a hint of sweetness and mild basil after taste.

I thoroughly enjoyed this ale.  Light, crisp, a great color, and heavily basil.

While I like basil, many people may not like this.  I suggest those who haven’t tried it to get a taster single, if possible.

It’s a 6% ABV, which is very nice, considering it should go with a meal, preferably with an Italian style dish.

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