PostADay/PostAWeek 2011 Epic Fail…

So I haven’t kept up with the PostADay/Week challenge.  I think I’m lucky to have enough focus to post once a month.  But, hey, it all boils down to time management, and I know I need to get a better grip on it.

I just finished the Jumpstart training for VMware Professionals from Microsoft.  It was a sales pitch for their VDI products that lasted 3 days. I know they said they weren’t going to be salesmen, but I hate to say it, they were pushing hard.

Ah yes, and I’m still going in EVE Online.  I’m a hard-core miner at the moment, sitting pretty in my nice big Hulk and T2 fittings.

Then…we have Minecraft.  I’ve got to take a video of what I’ve done.  I’ve created a semi-private server, with Bukkit, WorldEdit, Permissions, Essentials, and Wormhole X-treme!  It’s an epic world to be in.

‘chivos and You!

I just stumbled upon a comic on DeviantArt that sums up the state of gaming today:

Achievements (otherwise known as “’chivos") have become the mainstream, and games no longer ship out without some form of an achievement system, in-side the game, or via a network (Steam, PSN, XBL).

I’ve been playing Borderlands again recently, and I’m hit double-time, with both the in-game and Steam achievement systems.  Even the game I have on my phone, Star Traders, has an internal achievement system.  Why?

So, therefore, I challenge the game developer community to create a game, with either two options: Create a game lacking all forms of achievement systems, OR create a “Un-obtainable” achievement.  Frustrate the hell out of gamers.

Do it, for Fun and Profit!

For Japan…

Peace be with those lost, peace be with those found, and peace be with those still with us.

The Education Endeavor

So it looks like I may start working on my Bachelors again.  I don’t have to, if I want to stay where I am at work.  But, while I like my line of work, I just think having a backup plan is useful.

This is the foundation of Plan B. Never be without your Plan B.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

I just gotta wonder if Daft Punk is known in more than just Western Europe, Japan, and the Americas.  Is there a subtle language barrier that exists in just music?

They say that mathematics is the universal language, but I disagree.  At least for many of the hearing and reasoning beings on the Earth, music is something that can be recognized.  I mean, if cats and dogs can recognize music, and on occasion sing along, I just have to wonder if there is something more to the concept of universal language than what the mathematicians say there is.

Back in the saddle again…

So, we finally had our first D&D session last night.  We’re doing Keep on the Shadowfell, and I’m DMing.  So far, so good.

We’ve got two players who haven’t played before, and two others who have some experience, and then there’s the one player who knows where his towel is.  We got through the first two encounters, which, while divided by five isn’t much, it gets them all on the road to level 2.

I think we’ve done good, and the next encounter will be a blast, and a bit more challenging.

And I already have our final adventure for these guys when we move on.  The fabled Tomb of Horrors!  Mwahahaaaaa!

Lis Doon Varna, We Shall Miss Ye…

One of our favorite restaurants closed the other day, due to the bad practices of their original owner.  Hopefully, the possible buyer will act quickly, and reopen the place, without too much of a hiccup.

It Begins!

An hour ago, Blizzard Entertainment announced the next BlizzCon, dated for October 21-22, at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California.

Last BlizzCon, I created a Google Calendar that was open to the public to read.  On that calendar, I will be adding the event schedule, and other schedule bits we get at the convention.

The Wowpedia article I normally maintain is also going to be updated as we get more information.  That link is here.

Go !

So I’m not a sports fan.  But I do like to see a good game.  There were some interesting calls, so good plays, and a whole lot of luck.

Commercials were good too.