The sub-sites for this page are external locations that host the different portfolios or repositories for what I’ve done.  This particular page is for the websites I have hand a hand in creating.

Site Name Description URL Screenshot
Gilded Rose Inn Wiki A MediaWiki based website, centered around an open-ended role-playing world on IRC.
Central (2008) The 2008 incarnation of this website, using the SilverStripe CMS.
Central (2006-2008) The 2007 incarnation of this website, using the Dragonfly CMS.
Central (2004-2005) The first real CMS incarnation of this site, originally done in PostNuke CMS.
Central (???-2004) Made with frames, and a tap into an old LiveJournal account, it was my first progression into the world of websites.
Citadel/Stronghold First website ever.  On Geocities.  Yes, I’m that old.
The Jade House An RPG world I was creating, but never went anywhere.
Warcrafters Anonymous A World of Warcraft guild website, using the Dragonfly CMS.
Ninth Chevron What was to be a community site for the now closed StarGate Worlds MMO, done in the Dragonfly CMS.
Blurelson Productions (2010-2011) Videography and Photography site, based in Flash.  Burleson Productions
Staples Energy (2014-?) Energy efficiency programs, tools, and consulation. StaplesEnergySS