20180202 - New Site

So here's the deal.  I enjoyed working with WordPress for my website for years.  Automation, easy to write with, quick plugins for a huge ease of administration and page design.  I probably sunk a couple hundred dollars into it, just on API and professional bits.  Then, in the last couple years, I've seen nothing but hack after hack on the WordPress platform.  Maintenance on the platform has been daunting, but for the most part, I kept the site clear of malicious oddities.

But new year, new platform.  I'm actually quite pleased with this one, as it's mostly static pages, fits the HTML5 standards, and doesn't use a backend to edit or write anything.  I may end up being limited on image posting here, but I think I can live with that.

I've put my consultancy on the mantle, occasionally glacing at it wistfully, knowing it's there if I ever need it.  So I'm altering my site to reflect one of my hobbies: Miniature painting.